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Always enter the housing market
with the right information.

Always enter the housing market
with the right information.

Always enter the housing market
with the right information.

Always enter the housing market
with the right information.

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Are they asking top dollar for a house or is it a steal? Get all the info from the Kadaster, CBS and other public sources packaged in a way you can understand.
Know all there is to know in no time.

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We match you with your Walter Advisor who will handle the progression of the deal. Armed with your property report and
valuation, we'll guide you through your offers. We'll even take care of negotiations for you if you'd prefer.

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bid yourself.

The winning offer doesn't always have to be the highest. Our Walter buying agent help with making the best offer for your situation. We always include technical checks, reservation of funding, and when to move in our final bidding strategy.

The secret to homebuying

Outsmart any agent with the insights by
your Walter buying advisor.

Know the true value.

No two houses are the same. Whether
you're looking to buy in Den Ham or The Hague, every listing spills its secrets thanks to the valuation reports by Walter.

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Compare listings, selling prices and the local market at lightning speed. We give you all the facts experts normally keep to themselves on a silver platter.

Make the perfect offer.

Combine the facts, our experts point of view, and your own requirements to put out the offer that suits. With Walter you make a professional bid and know what your chances of winning are.

Our mission

Our goal is simple — we make buying a house easier, transparent, and honest for everyone.

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Recommended. I used it together with my partner for a couple of months and it was very helpful for us in the process of buying a house. For example, you get to see the estimate value of a property and its surroundings, this can definitely help for not overbidding.

Ile diaz couder Breceda
9 aug. 2021
Great tool

Great tool! Definitely worth the money: I started with the Plus package but quickly upgraded to the Premium that provides way more insights and different scenarios. It really helped us in the process, although we were also assisted by a real estate agent. I also attended one of Walter's workshops and it was really interesting. Definitely recommended.

Ile diaz couder Breceda
9 aug. 2021
Walter is an excellent tool to get deep insight

Walter is an excellent tool to get deep insight in the housing market. Its rich information and clear statistics/visualizations make you are ahead of the buyers crowd straight away. Steven and the team navigated me through the wild waters of the housing market with solid advice and personal assistance. I was able to make a successful bid without the help of a real estate broker which saved me €2000. That, while providing a ton more value than the purchase broker that I have worked with previously. A terrific product you have there, way to go Walter!

Ile diaz couder Breceda
9 aug. 2021
Rated excellent with 4,5 van 5 on
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